Friday, November 5, 2010

Living with Wolves

We have been seeing a lot of wolves around Bog Ridge in the last month or so. I always knew they were here, and of course I know they were here long before we were, but to see them right in front of me on a regular basis is something else entirely.

First I saw one on the septic field one morning as Jack was heading out to play. Then one ran in front of my car as I was driving home one night. Last week, I was returning home from walking Daisy at dusk and a wolf crossed in front of us just a few feet from our mailbox. That experience was pretty spooky and - since I had my cell phone with me - I called Scott and kept him on the line with me until I got to the house.

The next day Scott had two sightings right in our yard, within view of the house - one time Daisy even started to take off after the wolf. Later that day, a guy who hunts the property just north of us had a pack of ten wolves run right under his deer stand.

When I heard that news, it was time for me to make a call to the International Wolf Center. The nice folks there helped me out by reminding me of some things I already knew - wolves really don't attack people, and if I encounter one I should scare it off (NOT run) by shouting and making myself look big. Dogs and kids (when crawling or crouching) are a different story but will be okay as long as they are kept close at hand. It's all pretty much common sense stuff, but it was nice to have someone go over the basics with me again.

I also learned something I didn't know - wolf packs have a territory of something like 60-100 miles (I don't remember exactly what she said) and they make rounds throughout their territory. That means this pack should move on within the next three or four weeks.

In the meantime, Jack is sticking right by me and Daisy is going to be on a leash. Also, we'll be staying inside around dusk and enjoying the show from inside!

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