Saturday, November 6, 2010

No Pre-Fab Shed for Us

Besides the wolf issue, it's been awhile since I've posted about Bog Ridge. But that doesn't mean things haven't been happening.

One big thing: the main bathroom now has a door. That's huge. Also, all of the kitchen cupboards are in - and they have doors and handles. Not bad if you ask me.

Outside, Scott has been working on replacing the temporary roof supports of the porch with cedar posts and - this is the big thing right now - he's building a shed. Since we don't have a garage (yet) it's important for us to get a shed up before winter so that we will have a place to put our garbage and all of the other things we don't want to leave outside.It would have been a lot easier to buy a pre-fabricated shed, but Scott decided to custom build one to compliment the house. It will be the first thing we see when we drive in, so we want it to be nice.He's using three recycled windows he got from a friend and is including an overhang off the back to shelter firewood and the canoe.While Scott does that, Jack and I are working on spreading gravel around for landscaping.
We are also spending plenty of time breaking in the kitchen, making sure I keep up with #22 on my list of 39 things.

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