Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Maybe NEXT Time I Won't Swear

Scott's sister, Sue, recently had a birthday and I took the opportunity to experiment with applique (#38 on my list of 39 things).

I started with the collapsible shopping bag pattern from "One Yard Wonders" and then I had a blast picking out fabric I thought Sue would like from Tara's stash. (Thanks Tara!)

I'm happy to report that the applique process was a cinch and that I now have all sorts of plans for more experiments.

I did, however, run into a snag: adding bias tape to the top edges of the bag. This is not something I've done a lot of, so Tara showed me a "no swearing" bias tape tutorial by Angry Chicken. Even if you can do bias tape in your sleep, I recommend watching this tutorial just for the laughs.

I plan on watching it a few more times myself and then making a bunch of these handy bags!

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