Monday, May 2, 2011

The Last Dinosaur

Well, It finally happened - I finished knitting the last dinosaur for Jack!

 This guy is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and he's red because he was going to be a Valentine's Day present.  I guess I got a little behind on that project.

Finishing this guy reminded me that I never posted a photo of the Brachiosaurus, which was part of Jack's Christmas present:

(That one I did actually finish in time.)

If you missed my original posts for the Stegosuarus and Triceratops, you can go back and see them  here  and here.

Otherwise, here they are all together:  one big, happy dino family:

Speaking of knitting, did you know that I wrote a love letter to my favorite yarn shop? In it I reminisced about moving to Ely in the middle of winter and finding a home.  If you haven't read it yet , please click on over to ChinDeep and check it out!


Melissa Placzek said...

Oh. My. Gosh! TOO adorable!

skrapyram said...

Thanks Melissa! The last one has been practically done forever, I just needed to do a little finishing. But, I got sidetracked with quilting and embroidery. Getting this project taken care of has got me in the knitting mood again - so many ideas, so little time!

StefandLin said...

Wow, what a cute kid!! And does he ever have a great dinosaur collection. Good job Mom (on the knitting AND the kid).
Love, stef