Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yarn Store in the Woods

At every Lost in the Woods knitting retreat, pretty much the entire inventory of Sisu Designs gets moved to the retreat site.  Last weekend was no exception - talk about eye candy!

All of Susan's high-quality yarn selections in such a beautiful location!  And the company -  It really was wonderful.

The optional project for this particular retreat was fingerless gloves.  Here are three of the choices for the project:

You can guess what I'll be doing after I finish working on my legwarmers!

This was at least my fifth Lost in the Woods knitting retreat.  I think I've lost count, but believe me  - I absolutely love it.  I am always so inspired by the other people who attend.

Have you ever been to a knitting retreat?  I would love to hear about any other retreats that are worth investigating.