Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Luxe Neckwarmer

Continuing my gray theme, I'd like to share my newly completed Luxe Neckwarmer:

I tried knitting this about a year ago, but had to give up.  I came back to it this fall and didn't have any problem.  In fact, once I got going it came together in no time. This is my second project from the book Knit Two Together, one of my all time favorite knitting books. 

This neckwarmer is super soft and very warm.  If I combine it with my new legwarmers, I shouldn't have any problem this winter!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Mary - and timely, too!! Warm thoughts to all y'all! Lis

skrapyram said...

Thank, Lis. Hope you're enjoying Oregon - we miss you!