Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please Join Me for a Special Project: Chemo Caps

I'm sure you've heard of volunteer projects to make what are often called Chemo Caps - hats for those who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.  I have heard of such projects myself and I've always thought it sounded like a nice idea.  But somehow I've just never gotten around to it.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I visited my sister Karen in the hospital where she is receiving treatment for multiple myeloma.  I was with her as she tried on several different donated hats until she found one that worked for her.  It was a relatively small thing, but as I sat there I realized that there could never, ever be enough Chemo Caps. People really need these hats, and they need them right now.

Karen with Jack, about five years ago.

So, I am going to knit one - if not more.  And I am going to send what I knit to the hospital where my sister is being treated.  The hospital will give them to people who need them, and it will be a good thing. 

Won't you join me?

Hats can be knit or crochet.  Heck, Karen even tried on one that had been sewn from felt, so you can just do whatever trips your trigger.  I think variety in this situation would be great!  However, I have been given some guidelines by others who have done this before:

First, hats should be washable and not contain wool or wool blends.  Second, hats should be ample enough to cover part of the ears.  Other than that, I think this is pretty wide open.  For my hat I am just going to use one of the patterns I've been wanting to try, perhaps something from this new book I've been excited to look at. You can use whatever pattern you want, too.  If you're a Ravelry member you might want to check out this Ravelry library for ideas.

In Ely, hats can be dropped off for me at Sisu Designs.  I'll then mail all of the hats to the hospital.  If you will be mailing your hat directly to the hospital, here is the address to use:

Erickson Hair and Skin Center
Rochester Methodist Hospital
Eisenberg Subway, S-60
201 West Center Street
Rochester, MN  55902

For those who get their hat to me by March 7th, I'll enter your name into a drawing for a $20 dollar gift certificate to my Etsy shop.  If you will be submitting your hat directly to the hospital, you can still send a photo of your hat to me by March 7th and I'll enter your name in the drawing.  If you want to make two or more hats - great!  I'll enter your name once for each hat you make.

Ready? Come on - let's see just how many fantastic hats we can come up with!


T said...

Wonderful idea Mary! What a great way to use up the partial yarn skeins I always seem to have AND help out others at the same time.

twinsetellen said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear of your sister's diagnosis. The treatments for multiple myeloma are so advanced from where there were even a few years ago, but they are still tough. My best hopes and wishes to both of you.

I've got some deadline knitting in the next couple of months, but if I can work through that I'll try to get a hat sent to you!

Anonymous said...

Such a great project that will make those who receive the thoughtful hats feel more comfortable when going though such a difficult time.

skrapyram said...

Thanks for all of your support! I just received the copy of "Weekend Hats" that I ordered, so I am anxious to get started on my hat. I can't wait to see what other people come up with for theirs.

skrapyram said...

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the chemo cap project! Together we donated 46 hats to people dealing with cancer: