Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Wolf Hat

Speaking of hats, here is another project that I started over Christmas: The Winter Wolf Hat.

It's another one of those projects that I've had on hand for years and have only recently gotten around to choosing colors for.  Turns out choosing colors was the easy part.

I purchased the pattern based on a finished sample I fell in love with at Sisu Designs.  But now that I was ready to actually study the pattern, I just could NOT see the wolf in the chart. 

I even called my friend Anna who is familiar with the pattern and she assured me that, yes, there was a wolf there.  "He's sitting on his haunches," she said.  Well, I  just didn't see it.

Here's where having a five year old son comes in handy.  As I was pulling out my hair trying to see how this could possible end up as a wolf, Jack grabbed the pattern and ran away.  In all of the commotion, I caught a glimpse of the pattern from another angle.

Ta-da!  There he is, howling at the moon.  I see it now.  It just took looking at things a little differently.  It's so obvious to me know that I can hardly believe it.

This is only my second attempt at fair isle knitting, which may explain some of this.  It may also explain why now, 7-1/2 inches into the project, I need to rip it back to the beginning.  You see, the hat is all puckered.  I consulted with Anna again today, and she showed my how I can adjust my technique and get rid of the pucker.  Thank you Anna!  Back to the beginning I go.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wolf will have to hibernate for a while.  He's going to be made out of wool, and that's not going to work for my chemo cap project, which is what I am focusing on right now.  At least when it's time to revisit Mr. Wolf, I'll know which way I'm supposed to read the chart.

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