Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scenes from a Knitting Retreat, Part 3

Okay, so now that everyone has had plenty of time to work on the project from the latest Sisu Designs Lost in the Woods Knitting Retreat, let's all gather back together in the Morning Glory Center for show and tell!  If you need to review before we get started, just click here.

First, let's take a look at that contraption Ann's been cranking away on over by the fireplace.

What is that?  It's a vintage 1930's sock knitting machine!  Somehow Ann figured out how to put it together AND make it work.  And what about this?  

Why in the world would a vintage 1930's sock knitting machine have a bicycle bell attached to it?  I don't know, but let's ring it for every finished project we see during show and tell!

How about this sweater, knit on size two needles and seven years in the making?

Size two needles - Could that be right?  I don't know, but it's fantastic!  Definitely bell-worthy!

And here are Elizabeth's mittens from the Fall 2011 issue of Interweave Knits.  

Thanks for reminding me about these, Elizabeth, I've been meaning to add them to my queue! Ring that bell!

Oh, look, here's Susan admiring the "Hemlock" that Karen made for her . . .

What a priceless gift!  That deserves a few bell rings, for sure.

It's almost time for lunch - we'd better wrap this up.  Ann, take a break from ringing that bell and show us what you've been knitting on that sock knitting machine!

Wow, look at that!

I didn't finish a project during the retreat, but they did ring the bell for me and my new skill: Latvian Braid!  More on that later . . .

Right now, it's time for door prizes.  We've got so many great prizes:  Yarn, patterns, books, notions . . .  Looks like Tami won a skrapyram zippered pouch and wasted no time in putting it to good use:

Now . . . I'm starving!  How about you?  I hear they're serving some of that delicious cornbread they make, soup, and unbelievably fresh salad.  Let's head out - I'm going to walk, so I'll meet you there.  And after lunch, if you've got time to stick around, we'll help Susan and Anna pack up their wonderful yarn shop in the woods.

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