Monday, February 20, 2012

Final Scenes from a Knitting Retreat - Time to Pack Up

Sisu Design's 2012 Lost in the Woods Winter Knitting Retreat is almost over.  If you missed our earlier retreat posts, you may want to start at the beginning.

We've just finished eating lunch and saying goodbye to all of the knitters we've spent the weekend with.  Most of them live pretty far away and need to head home.  But, since I just live down the road, I'm going to stay and help pack up.

Would you like to walk back to the Morning Glory Center with me?
It's a beautiful day . . .

Perfect for modeling the Greenery Beret that I made for the Chemo Cap project.

As I mentioned before, Susan and Anna relocate most of the yarn from Sisu Designs out to the woods for these retreats.  Then they set up a little yarn store in the woods.

It always looks very nice . . .

But - just between you and me - this is what it looks like after everyone else takes off:

Wow, those bags are ALL full of yarn!  Let's help carry them out to the trailer, shall we?

That is a lot of yarn!  Luckily Anna brought some of her winter camping sleds along to help move the bags.

We'll put the more fragile things in Anna's car . . .

Yep: Knitting needles and cross-country skis. That's just how we roll.

Well, I think that's it - we're finally all packed up. Thanks for helping!  It's time for me to get back to work on my Winter Wolf Hat so that I can show off the new Latvian braid skills I learned this weekend.

Thanks, Susan and Anna, for another magical Lost in the Woods Knitting Retreat - All of us truly appreciate everything you do to make these gatherings so fantastic!

Maybe next year we should take photos during the sauna . . .

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Christina Claassen said...

Mary, it looks like you had a marvelous time. Thanks for sharing. I think art-making/hand-crafting getaways are so wonderful. They fuel your creativity and spirits!