Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Painting Gig for Scott

Before we moved to Washington, Scott was involved with designing the interpretive displays for the new Forest Service Headquarters building here in Ely. The display involves several dioramas and a large mural. Scott had hoped that he would be able to create the paintings for the display, but by the time we moved to Washington, nothing was really moving forward. Then, while we were away, the paintings were assigned to other artists. Today, he got a call that they want him to do the large mural after all. And they are going to pay him! This is a really big deal and I am very excited! Here is a snapshot of the image he will paint - the Little Indian Sioux River as seen from the Echo Trail. Every time we drive past this place he takes a million pictures of it. An actual beaver damn and some kind of pond will be installed in front of the mural. The whole thing needs to be finished in a month, which will be a pretty huge accomplishment. Luckily, the supplies have all been ordered already!

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