Friday, March 12, 2010

skrapyram goes to Finland

Travel and adventure have always been a part of my life: I've been to Europe five times, traveled throughout the US (both on my own and as part of my job back in the old art museum days), and lived in different parts of the country. For a time I even lived in a little 4-wheel drive RV so that I could keep moving.

I just love seeing new landscapes, tasting different foods, and experiencing other ways of life. Lately, though, my focus has been on settling down. I probably won't be traveling too far from home anytime soon - at least not until we are done building our house.

That doesn't seem to be true of my bags, however. For some reason people often purchase my bags to take on trips. Maybe my love of the road is somehow transferring into my work?

In the most recent case, a fellow Ely-ite was preparing for a trip to Finland, where he would visit relatives (Ely is rich with Finnish heritage). This man was shopping at the Kess Gallery, looking for gifts to take to his relatives, and the staff there told him about my bags. He contacted me and I suggested that he visit my online shop. He selected a lovely little linen number from the selection there and is taking it with him to Finland!

I would love to go to Finland myself someday. But, in the meantime, it sure is fun to travel vicariously through my creations.

If your travels bring you to Ely, please look me up. And be sure to stop into the Kess Gallery on Sheridan Street - they have a lovely selection of artwork and a wonderful, extremely helpful staff!

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