Monday, September 27, 2010

Strawberries are Vegetables

Sunday was a gorgeous day, with lots for Mommy and Jack to do while Scott continued work on the kitchen!

We started our day by walking Uma and then headed out to Widji. We were able to have lunch with the knitters before helping Susan and Anna pack up all of the yarn and accessories. We also had time for a photo shoot . . .

After that was done, we headed into town were we picked up four grocery bags full of strawberries plants from Tara and Kevin. Then it was back home to plant (most of) the strawberries and make a Thai veggie salad.

All in all, it seems I was able to fit in at least 3 things from my list of 39 things: spend more time at the shop (our activities this weekend count, even if the shop wasn't "in" the shop), eat more veggies, and establish a vegetable garden (if I am going to plant that many strawberries, they are going to count as vegetables).

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