Monday, October 18, 2010

Fantastic, Happy Dishcloths

When we designed our rockin' kitchen, we decided not to include a dishwasher. I know: There are some people who just won't agree with this choice - convenience, resale value, etc.

But, we are who we are, and we had our reasons for not including another appliance in our little "cabin." And - get this - I actually enjoy washing dishes by hand. For me, given the right environment, washing dishes can be a time of pleasant meditation.

While I waited for moving day, one thing I did was knit dishcloths. Some witnesses might argue that I knit dishcloths almost obsessively. But hey, they were fantastic, happy washcloths. And this knitting was not unlike the knitting I did for Jack during my pregnancy - it was full of hope and love and dreams for the future.

Once we moved into the house, I was anxious to use my new dishcloths. But, because of the faucet debacle, I had to do my dish washing in the laundry room utility sink - and that just wasn't where I wanted to start using the colorful little gems I had poured so much heart into. Now that we do actually have a faucet in the kitchen, however, I am happy to report that the dishcloths I spent so many hours knitting are finally getting used.

I first came across the pattern for these dishcloths in Mason-Dixon Knitting, one of my favorite knitting books. Several people have suggested that I make more of these dishcloths to sell, but I'm not sure people would be willing to pay enough (for a dishcloth) to make it worth my time. (It's not the knitting that takes the time so much as weaving in the ends.)

But, if you think you just have to have a set of these dishcloths and you don't want to make them yourself, let me know and I might just make some for your birthday!

Now I'd better go do the dishes.


Christina Claassen said...

Love them. So pretty! Enjoy your meditative dish time.

elsimom said...

So pretty! I just borrowed this book from my neighbor. I've got so many things in my queue that dishclothes won't appear until Feb or so, I think - but that's the nice thing about dishclothes- they're good anytime!

Nancy said...

My favorite knitting book, too - though I mainly just browse it!