Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Hammocking and Woozle Tracking

We're just finishing up a lovely vacation - our first Christmas at Bog Ridge. It was peaceful and relaxing, with coffee in front of the wood stove, lots of baking, and plenty of good food. We attending two different Solstice celebrations and, of course, Santa visited us too. When we weren't busy relaxing we were outside getting in a little winter hammocking and tracking Woozles.

Here we are baking cookies for Santa:

And here we are finding Santa's presents - he even brought us a little tree! He ate all of the cookies we left for him, except for one little bite.

I did spend a little time sewing, and I was able to put together this little family tree:

The pattern is from Alicia Paulson's book "Stitched in Time", although I was looking for instant gratification and took every shortcut possible instead of following her directions. I did hand-embroider our names though, so now I can proudly say that I understand back stitch.

Above: winter hammocking. Below: A Solstice bonfire - I'm third from the left.

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